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This world does not need more pretty pictures nearly as much as I need to make them. I experience joy and beauty as I make art. I create each image as a healing totem.

I have multiple identities. I am a mother, an athlete, and an artist. However, my story is that of a healer. I have traveled to learn from healers around the world as I simultaneously explored my inner world. The pictures I make are the byproduct of my journey and are imbued with healing energy. They are alive with the song I sang into them. Making art in joyfully play in divine creativity.

As a young woman, I studied art at night school. My early paintings were tight and realistic. I enjoyed the solitude and learning process but had difficulty finishing paintings. I had little interest in making a likeness or developing dimension. Eventually I stopped painting and simply doodled elaborate designs. My desk blotter became a work of art.

Several years passed before I made an emotional decision to throw out everything I knew about art. Actually, I was throwing out my expectations. I continued to make strange little marks for the sheer pleasure of making them. I guess I found my voice and came to respect the reverence I felt when I created an image.

I can see a little skill I developed during my early training. My work is both representational and abstract. I use a limited palette and consider perspective, negative space and other traditional art elements. But my work is substantially different than it once was. It is about color, pattern and subject. It is clearer, looser, rougher, and less finished than my early work. I find translucent glazes glorious and often use shimmering color, metals, and multiple colors of grout. Sometimes I paint an image for the sheer pleasure of laying glazes over it. I create art as a meditation, a prayer, and an offering to the divine in all of us.

Color is a key element. Color is sometimes used as a healing modality. This methodology, called chromo therapy, uses different colors to influence the body and emotions. It is based in the concept that each color contains a different part of the full light spectrum. My tremendous interest in this use of color is a significant part of my work. I see, feel and hear the vibration of color. I moved from oil paint to acrylic to watercolor to glass. It was a natural progression toward clear vibrant color. I am happiest working with a subject that allows spontaneity and improvisation in the process.

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